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Friends Only

Friends Only

Comment to be added

Anyone know...

...who repinr is? Legitimate friend or no?

Despite my bio clearly stating I don't take kindly to random friendings (since my russian bots and other random strange people), I have been randomly friended again.

Anyone on my flist know if they're legit?

So who the hell are you?

mih_mih7 - why would you friend someone who does not speak your language, shares nothing in common with you and who is about to wield the banhammer if you do not remove yourself from my friends list immediately!?!

Needless to say, dear REAL friends, I will not be making any locked posts (or any entries worthy of a locked post) until it is gone...
For those of you on my Flist, but who have not friended naamah_darling (yet), and who have the potential to be affected by the United States Department of Health and Human Services proposal to classify contraception as abortion - I implore you to go and read her post on the topic, and to re-post/link to this entry in your own journals/spread the word however you can.

She says what I feel much more eloquently than I ever could.

Currently I do not live in the US. I am not going to be directly affected by this proposal unless Australia (by virtue of our political leaders living in Bush's arse pocket and our not-so-slowly becoming the 51st (52nd?) state) goes down the same path - of kowtowing to the fundamentalists - but we know how these things have a ripple effect, and in time it could quite forseeably spread to Australia, the UK and other western countries who currently give a woman at least some semblance of power over her own reproductive decisions, her own body, her own destiny.

It must be stopped.

If contraception is reclassified as an abortifacient - and therefore becomes either illegal or incredibly hard to obtain, the call for herbal abortifacients will skyrocket - along with the associated deaths from backyard abortions and the herbs used (which are often toxic to the pregnant woman as well as the unwanted pregnancy) - something the de-criminalisation of abortion and the ease of access to contraception virtually halted.

But it is more than the contraception/abortion debate. It is absolutely the dis-empowering of women all over again, and it cannot be allowed to happen. It needs to be stopped. And it needs to be stopped NOW.

Since all I can do from here is raise awareness - this is what I am doing...

I'm leaving this one as "public"...

I *was* going to post this really long rant about work. How they very nicely cut my hours to zero because I "declined" a full day's shift, after discussing with the roster-girl three times that I was not prepared to do more than 2 three-hour shifts per week. And after telling me twice (I checked twice) that my hours for Friday were 2-5, she tells me, as I'm asking at 5pm for my replacement to take over, that my hours are 2-5:45, and that they need people to stay until 6pm. We argue briefly (on the internal phone), and she says "Well I'll just have to think if I'm going to have any hours for you in future". I knock off, and take some paperwork to the desk, and she says she has no hours for me at all next week. I'll be damned if I'll be bullied into hours I don't want. If they give them to me, it means they are taking them off other girls - and most of them need the hours more than I do.

But I won't rant anymore about that, simply because I still *officially* have a job, and there *might* be the possibility of getting a transfer to my local store (1km from home as opposed to the current 10km).

And my little problems pale into total insignificance when I see this lovely little headline in my RSS ticker:

13-year-old girl dies during female circumcision

Text under cut for linky-phobes, and cut for sensitive issuesCollapse )

Sophie Delezio

I don't know how many of you heard about little Sophie and her friend Mollie, who were horribly injured a couple of years ago when a car ploughed into their kindergarten. But poor little Sophie, who lost feet, fingers, hair and is still horribly scarred, has been hit by a car yet again. A car ploughed into her as she was being pushed in a stroller across a Zebra Crossing outside her school today. She is currently fighting for her life in Sydney Children's Hospital. More here

There is a "wishes for Sophie" page Here so people can go and express their support for her and her family.

Sheesh, how much must this one little girl go through? My heart aches for her family right now...

And this is why ALL cars should be banned from "school Zones" while there are children in the vicinity. Clearly the 40km/h isn't enough to prevent tragic accidents like this from happening. Either the vehicle ignored the speed signs, or the limit is still far too high. Something clearly needs to be done.

*steps off soapbox*

Important post for all women

I posted an article in vaginapagina earlier, and decided it was too important not to link from my own journal.

The article is Here

Guys, you might find the content erm, unsettling, graphic and disturbing, but if you love your women, it might be a good idea to read it too. It is worth warning you all, though, it is genitalia-based, so if you are at all squeamish about that subject - well, forewarned is forearmed.

Girls, you might also be unsettled by the information in the article. But it is important. At least I think it is anyway.



To any and all of you who like to sign up to free survey sites, I need to warn you about


I signed up for their survey/research panel yesterday, and today we were stricken with 106 instances of spyware (all new, as we do scans weekly) and a series of trojans which were attempting to hijack my laptop. There was a data miner or two, keystroke monitors and all sorts of embedded things. Luckily hubby was able to innoculate the pc (as far as we are aware) but it took him an hour to get rid of what he thinks should be all of the garbage PermissionResearch put on - all without my knowledge or permission!

What scares me is that despite the sheer number of anti adware and anit spyware programmes we have running and updating constantly (at last count we had seven separate programmes, a router and a firewall!) they still managed to get them through!

Just thought I needed to warn as many people as I can about this unscrupulous site!



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